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Come to Japan theatres on 4/19.
And later, in Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore!!

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A miracle is to be born here.

~ HYDE & Gackt ~

The two achieved popular artists in Japan that everyone knows,
with music being their common language,
are now going to come together and try something new...
... to make a movie.
In it they will combine, blend and intergrate their talents...

Gackt: Because we're Japanese we want to make a movie
that people from other countries cannot make.

HYDE: We want to make a movie that even though you're not really that interested,
you would still go watch it.

Directed by Zeze Takahisa
Written by Gackt, Zeze Takahisa, Izuchi Kishu

[hyde so so: for some very..scary reasons..when i was looking at his(Director) info...
his past he has directed/wrote scripts for A LOT of porno movies..
Oh my god... what is he going to do to our 2 poor prince >_<
although he made a lot of porn..-_-" his last work i thought was quite cute!
if u're interested u can check out the last movie he directed "DOG STAR"
i think the doggies are sooo cute *w* >>>]

So let's look forward to his work this time!

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Gackt's on Aug.26, 2002. | Guest: HYDE

Translation of Chinese article in Gackt's "Kagen no Tsuki" Tour Pamphlet
[Jug: From this article, you may get Gackt's idea that is helpful to understand this movie.(^-^)]

[updated: 03.05.26]